We collaborate with many mobile diagnostic services including:

 Labs – a huge selection e.g. complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, PT/INR

 Xray – e.g. chest, wrist, knee, hip



 Ultrasound – abdominal, renal, bladder, carotid, extremity ultrasound

  Sleep Oxygenation Studies

While we do not have financial ties to any of these services, they are responsive to our orders within a day or two, and sometimes within hours!! This means that when you need it most, you have timely results and subsequent treatment in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, and most importantly, we are able to limit hospitalization and ER visits. This reduces both the overall cost of care as well as the stress burden experienced by the patient.


Case Examples:

1. Facility staff calls our office stating “Edna has been experiencing increased falls, fever and lower abdominal pain for the last day.” Should Edna appear to be clinically stable, we can immediately order a urinalysis and blood work to determine if there is an underlying infection, and upon receiving the results, discuss the issues with the patient, family, or facility and initiate treatment.

2. During a visit with his primary care provider, Edward complains of increasing cough and mild shortness of breath. On exam, there are abnormal lung sounds. The provider can order a Chest X-Ray to determine whether you have pneumonia and, upon receipt of results, initiate an appropriate treatment before Edward’s symptoms worsen.