Our mobile health team is consisted of many highly trained and experienced medical professionals including RNs providing triage, Physicians Assistants (PAs), Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Board Certified Medical Doctors (MDs).

Teams are Responsive

Because we work as a team, we can be more responsive to changes as they occur.  When a patient’s condition worsens, our assistants and nurses look to the patient’s primary care provider for direction, ready to order any labwork, Xrays or medications.  Nurses, doctors and assistants working as a team tend to make fewer mistakes, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Teams Increase Satisfaction

Research, and our own experience over the last 10 years shows that patients are more satisfied with their care when health care professionals collaborate.  Our health care team and our patients experience less stress because each member of our team fulfills their duties, knowing their counterparts are working toward coordinated goals.  Because the roles are clear among our team members, there is less confusion about patients’ treatment plans. At the same time, our patients also experience a sense of easier access to care, and greater clarity about their treatment and expected outcome.

Teams Decrease Hospitalization

Research has shown that organisational benefits of teamwork include reduced hospitalisation time and costs as well as reduced unanticipated admissions.

Clinical supervision

Our MDs accompany our PAs and NPs regularly while they see patients to provide insight and understanding so that they can deliver ever more competent and caring service to our patients.

Examples of our teamwork

Example 1 - Glenda
Example 2 - Harry