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 We are faced with 2 choices in aging… the choice to become elderly, or to go one step further, to rise and blossom into a new level and form…the elder.  – Elane Shirar, MD – Founder and Medical Director

Our History

Taking care of patients in her primary care practice for over twenty years prompted Rocky Mountain Senior Care owner, Dr. Elane Shirar, to establish our house call program. As her patients aged, Dr. Shirar became aware of their increasing need for more specialized and personal care. Through recognizing the unique needs of her senior patients, she began visiting them at home. Dr. Shirar first began visiting our clinic patients in their homes almost a decade ago. Since then, the practice has expanded at the request of other residents, families and caregivers. We now service numerous communities and hundreds of independant, assissted and skilled nursing facilities in a wide geographic region from Colorado Springs, across the Denver Metropolitan Area to Fort Collins.  We also have primary care clinics located in Northglenn, Broomfield and Golden.

Dr. Shirar


We Promote Healing

Traditionally, the medical system has focused primarily on curing disease.  Curing means “eliminating all evidence of illness” by using a wide range of external interventions.  In our healing approach, we treat the “whole” person.  This means that in addition to offering state of the art medical interventions appropriate to each patient, we embrace and honor all aspects of our patients – function, cognition, beliefs, emotions, spiritual and family relationships.  At the end of day, we measure our success through the comfort and sense of ease of our patients and families even in the face of incurable illness.

We Honor the Wisdom of the Elders

While the physical transitions of aging may cause our patients to feel frightened, vulnerable and helpless, we honor and promote the “Elder” in our “Elderly” patients.   Dr. Elane Shirar states that “the transition to from Elderly to Elder is …. a  mind heart and soul transition, not a physical one.”  We therefore actively support patient-family-facility relationships in viewing the elder as useful, wise, respected and admired.  In our medical care, we are deeply respectful of the accumulated experience and knowledge of our patients, and nurture decision making that is coherent with their inner wisdom.

Please see our talks on these subjects at the Stahl Health Lecture Series in Boulder, Co, 12/2013:

 Dr. Elane Shirar of Rocky Mountain Senior Care (LISTEN – 15 minutes)

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