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Are you struggling or unable to get to your doctor’s visit? Do you long for high quality, cost-effective medical care to come to your door-step? Do you want to be treated at home instead of an office or hospital?

Rocky Mountain Senior Care is here for you.

Our mission is to ensure that patients receive state-of-the-art, timely, consistent and loving care when they need it most.

doctor-signWe are Your Doctor:

We are a unique and personalized house call program that creates a “medical home” for our patients.  Many elderly patients need ongoing, low intensity support.  We are a dedicated team of highly trained medical professionals who provide comprehensive and continuous care for our patients in the comfort of their home.  We are patient and family centered which means that we attune and adapt our services to their needs.  We do as much as possible at our patient’s homes to prevent hospitalization,and the cycle of crisis, hospitalization and decline.  We support and enable a higher quality of life, family support and firm personal control over medical decisions.

resources-2We are Your Resource:

As our patients age, the levels and kinds of support they need change, as do their priorities and those of their families.  We partner with our patients and families to help them access a variety of services to keep them as healthy, independent,  and comfortable as possible.    We communicate closely with your specialists and ancillary care team to ensure quality and continuity of care.

careWe are Your

Our focus on quality of life means that we nurture all aspects of our patients’ wellness:


 Our medical system often takes a paternalistic role … and leaves our seniors feeling disempowered and helpless.   We represent a change in the system.   We are committed to providing empowering patient and family centered medical care of the highest quality.  – Elane Shirar, MD, Founder and Medical Director